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  Central to all of the different techniques recognized as Asian medical massage is the idea that massage affects not only 
(1) the physical body, but also (2) the Qi body, (the network of channels and points), and (3) the mental body; emotions, thoughts, and spiritual faculties. Since both physical and mental health are dependent on a smooth and abundant flow of Qi, massage can effectively treat all three levels.  Therefore, the Tuina treatment is a holistic, (working with the whole body), non-invasive form of effective pain management, and a path to optimal health.
  The main form of Chinese medical massage practiced in this country is Tuina. This form is closely related to acupuncture in its use of the meridian system (acupuncture/energy channels),
and is considered to be effective for a similar range of health

What to Expect on Your
First Visit
In a typical Tuina session, the client wears loose, comfortable clothing, and sits on a chair or lies on the massage table. I ask the patient a series of questions, then begin treatment based on the patient's answers to those questions.Commonly used techniques include soft tissue massage; acupressure and manipulation.                                               
  I am also trained in Japanese Shiatsu, and American Foot Reflexology, and use magnet therapy, moxabustion, (a warming technique that stimulates blood circulation), liniments, and fire cupping, (a technique used to release congestion in the muscle fibers), appropriately to each individual. 
Sessions are $55.00 for 1 hour, $80.00 for ninety minutes. Multiple session packages are available at discounted rates.